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Default What is the aryan archive?


Despite the over 9,000 resources already listed in the four websites that are going to be combined to create the Aryan Archive, there are tens of thousands more that could, and should, be added. It is simply too much work for one person to do in one lifetime. In fact, I've calculated that it would take a team of 25 people working full-time about three years to get everything archived, and because there is more high-quality pro-White content created all the time, there would be more archiving to do when that work is completed. That said, I'm talking about only the most basic kind of archiving here, which means finding the resources and adding them to the archive. For instance, it takes about one to two hours to find a book, download it, write descriptions for it and the author, upload it to the Colchester Collection, and then promote it on social media. If we wanted to also add a professionally edited digital version of the book in both HTML and PDF formats, that could take up to two weeks for each title. Of course, adding an article, video, or a website entry to each of their respective archives doesn't take nearly as much time, but to do them justice, and create a high quality archive, is labor intensive.

But I want to do more than just the above. I not only want the Archive to be a repository of pro-White websites, videos, books, and other texts, but I also want to expand it to include archives of podcasts, images, music, and anything else useful to our people. Eventually, the goal is to grow it into a full-blown online university offering rigorous courses with demanding instructors, as well as a self-publishing/content creation platform, where like-minded Aryans can collaborate with each other and gain the funding to create family- and White-friendly information and entertainment content.

In order to enable this work and make it more accessible to our people, I'm going to combine the four above websites and re-organize them into one new site, called, The Aryan Archive. To do this, I'm going to need your help. Over the years, many people have written me asking how they can help. At the time, the sites' workflow really wasn't organized in a way that made this easy, the Aryan Archive will change that.

To contribute to the Aryan Archive's ongoing fundraising efforts, please see our GiveSendGo campaign.

Or to learn other ways to donate and more about the Aryan Archive. see the Aryan Archive Fundraising Campaign page.
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