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Default Aryan Archive Update for Monday, May 16, 2022

Aryan Archive Update for Monday, May 16, 2022

Fundraising seems to be stalled at $100 for the month. We haven't received a donation in the last six days. I'm hoping that will change with this round of updates/appeals.

Monthly Goal: $2,000
No. of Donations: 3
Amount Donated: $100
% of Monthly Goal: 5%

I added 15 more videos to TalieVision's GabTV channel for a total of 462 on that platform, to go with the 548 on TalieVision's BitChute channel.

After removing one broken link from the Patriot Portal and adding a new one, there are still 804 websites listed in one our its 24 different sub-directories.

I checked all 1,700 and something links for titles starting with the letters "A"-"L" on the Colchester Collection. I only found eight broken links. I searched for and found suitable replacements for five of them. I removed the other three.

We also got one new volunteer this week. I'm hoping to write (or find) an app that will enable volunteers to start adding content to the sites. Currently, I load most of the resources by hand, using HTML & CSS. It's a very clunky process that takes 53 steps, which makes it too difficult to teach to volunteers, so an app that will do most of the heavy-lifting is essential before I can put the volunteer archivists to work.

The aim of the Aryan Archive is to create a central repository of pro-White educational and entertainment content (i.e. books, essays, videos, podcasts, music, memes, websites, etc.). The four websites that will be combined (and then expanded) to make the Aryan Archive: the Colchester Collection, TalieVision, the Patriot Portal, and Praxis Mag together, already contain nearly 10,000 of these resources.

If this sounds like a worthwhile project please consider donating via our GiveSendGo crowdfunding campaign.

If you like to learn about other ways to give, or more about the Archive, in general, or our fundraising efforts, please see the Aryan Archive Fundraising Campaign web page.
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