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Karl Lueger

Bravo bratko!

Pro-Football is quite possibly the most destructive media tool in Europe,
its far worse ethan christianity despite what VNNers may believe..

its beyond hideous that every league in Europa now has fucking niggers chasing all around,
simply for the reason to import niggers into White Nations.

Its is NEVER about sports..
I can easily find far more talented WHite kids than any nigger piece of hsit brought in,
but football main purpose is to nigger the environment, not score goals.

The encouraging thing is that fans in Europe,
recognize the nigger for what it is and react accordingly;
ideally a gang of skinheads would get a hold of those shitapes
and do the world a favor by killing them..

The call it a "beautiful game" when it brings niggers into a Human Nation
where they have no reason or justification to exist,
thus genocide through sports-media is "beautiful
to the kikes who run the show.

Treating any nigger like a Human is undeniable proof of insanity..
we know it,
even trolss who read these posts know it
[despite limited mental abilities]
such niggers may be allowed to live and occupy space at old tarfford or stamford bridge
but its a wonderful thing to know our Beli friends in eastern Europe
have the proper attitude towards that shit the kikes try to impose on our Nations.

Lothar ist ein schiesskopf..
"To survive a war, you gotta become war."

Rambo, John J.