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Swedish state-media "expert" economists talks with serious heartfelt consternation about ECBs decision to lower their main interest-rate from 0.5% to 0.25%. A "hard blow in the face" as it leaves us Swedes in the rut with an "artificially high" interest rate that is now "MANY TIMES AS HIGH AS THE EUROPEAN ONE" (and there was also harsh criticism the other week when our central bank had the audacity to announce that they had decided to not lower the rate at this time, that many experts had been calling for, but to leave it unchanged).

The current "unrealistically high" interest rate that worries these conscientous experts and intellectual giants (with the gigantic real estate bubble ready to burst as the backdrop, though they usually scoff at the "crank-notion" that such a bubble should exists)... 1%.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at it all.