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Originally Posted by varg View Post
the older ones where there were too many people on at once, which made it too unfocused and hectic.
That's what's entertaining. We have Alex, Geoff, Yankee Jim, and I forget this other guy's name, he's been on a few times and pretty good (I'm just about to get into 2007) - it's great stuff.

Not as focused as Goyfire but tremendous nonetheless.

Alex said something like "You'd think a jew like Colmes would be smarter than giving us a free advertisement." Yankee Jim said Colmes replayed his show later in the night too, so twice it was on the air.

Originally Posted by Mark Faust View Post
Lol, yeah we had some real dipshit moments on FTL..... I was no exception some of the time. I have to say that I loved those times, we felt like we were making headway..... and we had such a good time. If anyone does do a new ftl I would gladly be a guest.
I have a ton to work through but I've heard your shows from VoR. You had some good takes on nutrition and exercise.
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