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Originally Posted by Thad Charles View Post
Listening to one from Dec. 2006. It's pretty painful. Some female with a Greek mythology moniker calls in and seems like she "joined" White Nationalism like, yesterday. Awful.
It's not "boob girl" (?) she seemed like a knowledgeable person. Some other guy calls in and thinks Israel became a state in 1958 and doesn't know shit about anything.

If it weren't for Geoff and Alex and James I'd have thrown my computer out of the window. Anyway I'd be interested in doing some FTL with y'all if anyone is up for it as well.

Alex you're right about podcasts. I don't think I've ever listened to any WN show live, but calls can be interesting and fun.
It maybe an idea to start operations again on Blogtalk Radio and just link to the programs here?