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Emily Henderson

Not a nigger. Whiter than a cotton ball.

54% 'Great Britain'
24% 'Ireland' (aka 'potato nigga', the scientific term)
7% 'European West'
4% 'Iberian Peninsula
11% 'Other Regions', which are:

3% 'Scandinavian'
4% 'Eastern European'
3% 'Finland/N.W. Russian'
<1% 'Italy/Greece'

Kind of surprised by the more than half British ancestry, but I have English ancestry on both sides, and they lump Scotland in as well which is also on both sides, so that makes sense.

The way they test populations also means that the Dutch that I know I have from my Father's mom can show up in 'Great Britain' rather than the 'European West', as there are admixtures in both populations where people share haplotypes. So it's imperfect, but pretty good.

The other companies that do autosomal testing test out of their own client database as well--it varies based on whom they are comparing you to.

But not by much--if you had, for example, 20% Bantu or 70% Pakistani, you can be sure you likely have that ancestry, as it's more than 5% and unlikely a shared trait with another population with a similar admixture.

People get scared off from these tests because they don't understand the science. Don't be skeered.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier