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Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
What about pre Austrialian colonial times, lets say 500-600 years ago. How do you know you don't have a kike or a Gypsy in the woodpile from way back? You can't tell me you can trace all your family lines back 500-600 years. Every generation you go back, 2 lines from your parents split into 4 with your grandparents, and then your great grandparents lines would split into 8, and so on. You would have more than 100 lines to trace back if you go back 500+ years. And what happens if someone in the line was adopted? With little evidence who that person's mother/father was, etc they were just dropped off at the orphanage?
Exactly, there could be a non-parental event or in the case of the British -- British ancestry could have some oceanian or Indian etc.. from the empire days. I have some British ancestry because of the British empire days I have very slight Oceanian ancestry but I still consider myself white.

Not even a lot of Europeans are 100% European. You know the Huns invaded central Europe including Germany. I wouldn't be surprised if Himmler was alive today if he would score some Asian Hunnish ancestry then what about Finns, Italians, Greeks and some other slavics ? Certainly they wouldn't score 100% European either.