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Originally Posted by Igor Alexander View Post

Everything's going smoothly, you're making a lot of sense, your arguments are cogent and sound, and then BOOM!, all of a sudden it's over the precipice we go -- "we have to exterminate the Jews." It's from the freezing to the boiling point in a nanosecond.

I find this talk of extermination highly counterproductive. I mean, what is the point of debating the holocaust if it's just to say, "well, the Germans didn't do it, but they should have"? What's the point in complaining that the ADL, the SPLC, and Hollywood smear white nationalists if at the end of the day we're just going to say, "yup, you're right, we're a bunch of bloodthirsty psychopaths and we do want to exterminate you. That's what we're all about."
Hitler didn't advocate exterminating the jews before he took power, nor did he attempt to do so once he had obtained it. Still gets credit for it, though.

"What we're all about" - in the end, as long as the jews control the mindsphere, everyone and everything in the world will be defined in relation to the jew's agenda. This won't change until the jews are driven from power. Worrying about what the jews think is a waste of time. They accuse anyone who outs them of wanting to exterminate them. In my case, they're right. I disagree with you that it makes a big difference or any difference at all what I or anyone advocates in relation to jews. I'm not concerned with the opinions of a bunch of CCC nancys and AmRen namby-pambies. History is changed by people willing to kill rather than be dominated. The only meaningful question is whether my prescription is correct. If I'm wrong, then I deserve to be scorned as a vicious hater, and hanged if I try to act on it. But I'm not wrong.

I just finished reading E. Michael Jones's tour of jews in Western history. The evidence shrieks in protracted whine that these people belong underground. Jones is yet another researcher nose-deaf to the stink off his own datapile. His conclusion is 2,000 more years of the same formula that never yet worked: paying little to no attention to jews beyond trying to convert them. That is so laughable a misunderstanding of the nature of the jew as to lead me to suspect Jones of comedy were I unaware of his background as Catholic buhliever on a solid Polyanna base. What his book fairly screams with is that jews are unrelentingly hostile to every solid aspect of White society. And that dealing with them is a zero-sum game: either their way prevails or our way prevails. At no point in the last 2,000 years were the technology and media available we have today. If Jones had a few more ounces of imagination and a few less of Catholocentrism he'd see exactly what the kikes of his 1,200 pages would do with the ultimate weapons.

Jones's book shows the West has been fucking around with the jew for over 2,000 years -- and by "fucking around with" I mean ALLOWING THE JEW TO FUCK AROUND WITH US -- and we have reached our most perilous point in large measure because we have never laid the jew before us, really taken a look at what it is, as Jones does, altho only in part (he completely ignores jew biology because his conceit is the jew is a spiritual rather than biological phenomenon), in his book, and drawn the logical conclusion. The logical conclusion of an accurate understanding of the nature, history, and meaning of the jew in relation to the White races and its interests compels the conclusion that the only way for ordinary Whites to protect themselves, their families and societies from the jew is for their governments to make a coordinated effort to exterminate the thing. That is what I advocate. I make no bones about it, neither do I act like it fills me with glee or comes out of bloodlust, it doesn't. It is the logical conclusion of a study of jewish interactions with Whites. If we don't exterminate them, they will exterminate us. They are exterminating us, and it is by policy. We needn't fear retorting in kind. The fear that this will reduce our middle-class support is foolish - those people are self-seeking cowards who will never help in any case until after we have gained power. Then they will tell us and each other that they always supported us.