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I think ZOG is self destructing and it's going to be more about picking up the pieces, than revolutionary violence.

The possible violent scenario I see would be if, after a breakdown, we organize a White community and then what's left of ZOG decides our community must be destroyed. Defensive violence could then turn into offensive violence, when we realize we'll never be safe unless we destroy those who would destroy us.

We aren't going to get anywhere until the "hearts and minds" of the White masses are with us. This is the most important lesson of "War of the Flea."

Rounder says that we can't "sneak up on the jew." I recognize this point of view, but I think that historical processes are bringing revolution to us on a silver platter, and when I say "revolution" it's not necessarily about violence.

The jew did it's dirty work on a very naive generation of Americans. Look at the B&W movies of the 50's. Those people were an anomaly, and we will never be them again.

Ironically, everything the jew does is going to have the long term effect of making the host population less prosperous and less hospitable to them. This gives me confidence that historical processes are going to do most of the work for us, and we mostly need to be ready to seize the opportunity that will present itself.
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