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Originally Posted by Stewart Meadows View Post
"Queen" Elizabeth. "Trust me."

Yeah, blame it on her age if it makes you feel better, dude.
Check out her nurse's masonic emblem on her belt.

Churchill was a Freemason.

Freemasonry has been a catalyst in the destruction of Britain since the 1700s. It's been one all over the world.

Now who was it again that stood against Freemasonry as a Jewish conspiracy against Whites?

Oh yes, that'd be Adolf Hitler.

They passed the Enabling Act in 1933, and the German Ministry of the Interior ordered the disbandment of Freemasonry in 1934.

But I'm sure that's all anecdotal and this is all just coincidental an sheit.

Cuz we know by now that we should not trust our eyes, ears, or instincts. We should look to what the talking heads are telling us is correct and go with that....even if it kills us.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier