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Default "NEW ORDER Activism Thread"

On Saturday, October 10th, the NEW ORDER held a memorial meeting in Port Huron, Michigan, to mark the one year anniversary of the death of Matt Koehl.

NEW ORDER supporters, primarily from the Midwest, honored Commander Koehl in a special ceremony. Afterwards, they enjoyed an afternoon of comradeship and discussion, followed by a hearty meal.

The occasion was also used to conduct internal Movement business and to plan future activities.

Those nay-sayers and defeatists who predicted that Matt Koehl's death would mean the end of his movement have been proven wrong!

(Background for newbies: Matt Koehl was the successor to George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of post-World War II American National-Socialism. Rockwell had initially called his group the American Nazi Party, but had renamed it as the National Socialist White Peoples Party shortly before his assassination in 1967. In 1983, Koehl reorganized the group as the NEW ORDER. See my signature below for the address of the NEW ORDER website.)
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