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Default NEW ORDER "White Lives Matter" Roadside Demo (17 July 2016)

On Sunday, July 17, a team of NEW ORDER activists held a roadside and overpass demonstration on busy highway 151 in Wisconsin, about 50 miles south of Madison. The activists displayed a streamer 10 feet long reading “White Lives Matter” to passing motorists.

In addition to standing along the roadway, the action team also spent part of their time on the overpass directly over the traffic.

The NEW ORDER demonstration took place on the afternoon following the murder of police officers in Baton Rouge by a deranged Negro.

This action took place in what may be described as part of the White heartland of America, in a rural setting. The overwhelming majority of those who witnessed the NS outreach were White – probably upwards of 90 percent. Some drivers honked in appreciation, waved or gave the "thumbs up" gesture. But – predictably – there was also some negative reaction. Twice young White motorists stopped to express their disapproval of our message. On a third occasion, an obese woman, who may have been Jewish, stopped her vehicle to yell at the National Socialists from a safe distance. But these negative reactions were a small minority of the total response received.

The police observed the activity, but did not make contact. The NEW ORDER action team departed after a successful two-hour vigil.
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