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A Wisconsin-based organization whose website advocates spreading the “Good Word of Adolf Hitler” made its presence felt in parts of Spotsylvania over the weekend and a number of county residents weren’t happy about it, authorities said.
But Sheriff’s Maj. Troy Skebo said there is little his office can do about the type of literature that appeared on a number of properties Sunday morning advocating white pride and featuring a swastika.
Skebo said more than 20 residents called the Sheriff’s Office to complain a “New Order” flier that showed up in a number of driveways Sunday morning in a bag weighed down by rocks. He said several subdivisions in the courthouse area were targeted, including Plantation Forest and Millwood.
“It’s definitely unpleasant and something that stirs a lot of discussion,” Skebo said. “But it’s not a crime, just freedom of speech.”
New Order is described online as “neo-Nazi.” But with the exception of the swastika in the middle of the “O” in the organization’s name, nothing in the fliers distributed over the weekend appear overtly threatening.
The flier urges white people to be proud of their accomplishments and decries the “insanity” of minority groups being encouraged to show racial unity while whites are criticized for doing the same.
Authorities said the literature of such groups shows up in the Fredericksburg area from time to time.
I see that this news story - which is better than most on the topic - has also been republished by the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Roanoke Times.. We're getting a lot of mileage from one distribution!

Congrats to the White Men who carried out this action!
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