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Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
I thought Eddie Murphy did Jar Jar's voice. I guess not.

Eddie Murphy ?

He was more busy portraying that vampire at that time

Stuff la Blackula . .

It was this . .
I haven't seen the re-mastered versions of the original 3 films. So they re-shot the hologram scene in The Empire Strikes Back with Ian McDiarmid.
Yep . .

The times , they are a-changin'

How did they re-work the scene in Return of the Jedi when Luke removes Vader's mask? Did they use the guy who played young Annakin Skywalker from the later films?
Nope . .

Darth Vader grew older. .Between the plot of Episode 3 and 4 about 20 years have passed. .

They changed the image of his 'spirit' appearing at the end though . .