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Originally Posted by Rasen View Post
The author demonstrates typically gibanichar mindset at everything. Jerking off at such primitive pictures proves the lowest level of mental development of the painter and his followers.
It's very typical for Serbian supremacists and commies to be against everyone, for no reason at all. That is why they are outside of the EU in 2018, they did not even have PayPal in the country until 2016. What a fucking joke.

Serbians, in the majority (there are exceptions of course, but not much), are very angry and racist people. But of course -- they're not racist towards Albanians and Muslims. They even like them. Serbians spend their vacations in Bosnia and Kosovo.

And not to mention, Serbia's GDP per capita is 5,900.04 USD (2017), while Croatia's GDP per capita is 13,294.51 USD (2017).


Note: This post is not directed toward normal Serbian people that acknowledge the general retardation of their own people, corruption and foolishness.