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Howard Rubin gets trial date for alleged sex dungeon lawsuit

By Andrew Denney
November 27, 2019

Former Soros Fund manager Howard Rubin is facing a March 2020 trial date for a lawsuit in Brooklyn federal court filed on behalf of six women accusing the financier of abusing them in a “dungeon” — one of several suits pending against Rubin in New York courts.

Brooklyn federal Judge Brian Cogan last week set a March 16, 2020 trial date.

The plaintiffs — some of whom have modeled for Playboy — allege in the suit that Rubin wooed them with dates and paid photoshoots.

But after they came to his Manhattan penthouse, they allege Rubin sexually assaulted and seriously injured them in a BDSM-themed “dungeon” where he allegedly kept ropes, toys, electrocuting devices and other implements.
The woman ended up in Rubin’s “dungeon” in his penthouse, she claims, where Rubin tied her up, whipped her and kicked her in the groin, the suit alleges.

“I love it when you cry,” Rubin allegedly said, per the suit.