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Mishko Novosel
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Originally Posted by Lord Sidious View Post
Bullshit. You are not perfect Tony and I for one don't expect you to be.
It is not possible to be 110% all the time. You kicked major arse on the first rally and it was always going to be hard to match that.
PLUS, how can anyone expect you to be 100% on 2 tasks at the same time?
Knowing Jamie, he was probably tapping into a hotspot with his wi-fi. I can check and get back to you.

Actually Rob, that's the beauty of MACs, they'll find all the available wi-fi that's in the local area and all you have to do is try them to see which ones will allow you access to the internet. However, that's not the best way because you might not find anything that allows you access to the internet, but most local government have wi-fi and are about as secure as a security guard on crack. Then you've got cellular that will allow you to plug into a laptop to provide wi-fi. Here you also can come into problems because there might not be service, and the service they provide is pretty slow. The only reliable way would be to have satellite, and that gets pricey. Just throwing that out there because that seems the route to go. Most municipalities are provideing wi-fi, some are free, some aren't. They'll block you from access to their servers, but allow you access to the internet, and that's all that we're looking for. Then you've got hotels, etc etc.

My point is that we have to come up with a STANDARD PROTOCOL, that we're able to use, time and time again. Something that's reliable and more importantly works and we can rely on it.

With regards to the rally, I think the complaining that people are doing is basically water under the bridge because it was just a "live feed" type of scenario. There'll be video and audio available within the next two days.