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Robert Ransdell
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Robert Ransdell

Have any of you ever picked up this book "We Get Confessions"?

I bought a copy while attending a NA leadership conference a few years back, it was always available through NVB as well.

I read about half of it, was somewhat interesting, the author I guess once worked for law enforcement.

These days I think you can try to proceed as smartly as possible but the people that are administering and enforcing the laws these days play by no rules really, if you don't screw up on your own they will simply invent something to slap on you in order to serve their ends. Still being wise when it comes to interaction with them is the best way to go, at the end of the day you would feel better about things if they did indeed have to make something up rather than if you provided them with some statement they could use against you.

And as always, you almost always steer clear of trouble by not talking or writing about doing anything illegal and steering clear of anyone who does. This means to say that those who talk about specific acts of illegality should be avoided like the plague, those who profess a belief that perhaps one day that violence might be a part of the nationalist fight, perhaps violence to oppose a tyrannical government unleashing violence on the population or on nationalists are not one and the same with that plague, so I am clear.

A link to the book I mentioned. Mostly good reviews, some by people who profess to be police themselves, you at least get into their head with this book which might be beneficial.

We Get Confessions: Albert Joseph: 9780964744806: Amazon.com: Books We Get Confessions: Albert Joseph: 9780964744806: Amazon.com: Books