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Originally Posted by SUNOFSPARTA View Post
Nearly 100% of the information here is wrong and or totally useless;and even more importantly dangerous to the users-if used.

Having nothing to say ,says quilt, to most all cops .
This is nearly as bad a lying, or denying the obvious.

Requesting an attorney is a good idea-but ONLY- if you already have one who knows you; and will act on your behalf ,regardless of how badly the cops want your ass. Few people "keep" a good lawyer available because to do so cost big bucks, I know cause I had to do that ; and it's like having good accident insurance; most of the time it seems like a big waste of money, but when you need them, it's worth every penny.

Hired lawyers and friends will give you up in a heart beat, if it means they might get in trouble , or have their law license pulled. I've walked out of many situations and jails with just a call to the right lawyer, but it cost big time.

What really helps when "dealing" with the police is Never the strong silent type. Cops love the strong silent type, the no talkers and the tough guys-because they make the cops jobs much easier. Calm up and the cops gets to go home early. He could give a fuck less if you talk or don't-he still gets paid while you rot in the can. Clearing cases with "confessions" isn't really worth a shit in a cops world; or in court for that matter.

Being silent initially IS a good idea, because- IF you actually pay attention, all cops will tell you exactly what they want to know-AND-much of what they already know;and they just want you to confirm what they believe. Doing that is the real trick, knowing When to speak and when not( usually THAT's what a good lawyers is most valuable for).All cops want a snitch-mainly because snitches are disposable, because most are full of shit ;and lying like crazy-but(temporarily) they serve a purpose to get warrants , probable cause and arrest other defendants-all to gather evidence in a legal way, by "using" the snitches information to arrest someone else. Snitches then often change their stories and get a slap on the wrist for lying to the cops, while the entire case falls apart.

BAD advice- is worst then none at all.

Make sure you know something or someone Before you get here. Knowing when to speak is as important as knowing when to pull the trigger-sometimes more.
There is an Oprah-sized helping of fail in this post.
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