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Originally Posted by Donnie in Ohio View Post
There is an Oprah-sized helping of fail in this post.
There are jails and prisons all over the country today full of fools, still silently "waiting"; for lawyers they don't know, can't afford and will never (rightfully) trust with the truth ;who are at the very same time begging to get in line to snitch their brain out to get out of the ignorant position they got themselves into. Oprah can pay big bucks to keep her fat, black ass out of jail while she runs her fat nigger lips 24/7 ;but most white people have to LEARN to defend themselves the hard way, by using their own heads and NOT "just" depending on silence and waiting till their own desperation eats them alive.

Fearing authority IS what has gotten white people in the degrading position they are in today. Acting like niggers is what convinces law enforcement that they can treat white people like niggers. Stand before Real cops and Real FBI Agents, Sheriffs, Judges , Grand Juries ;in Real trials and Court Marshals with or without legal representation; and just "try" to tell them you "have nothing to say"; and then get ready to watch them laugh in your face, as you get your dumb ass hauled off the jail for a pack of niggers to fuck your brains out.

I've been in lots and lots of courts ;and in front of lots of cops all over the world- from Baltimore to Edinburgh; from NYC to Beijing and I was charged with lots of things in many places; but never spent a night in jail-because I DID have something to say. The right thing. Knowing what to say BEFORE is key, where "just" NOT- means you will be treated exactly like a mushroom; tossed in a dark place and have shit thrown at you ,till you break or rot to death. If you "believe" in the "system"; just remain silent and suffer the consequences. If your not carrying something other than your wallet in your hip pocket, you don't belong at the adults table .

Having "nothing to say" ; is exactly what someone "wants you to say", before they can have their say ;which is never to your advantage-after the fact.

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