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Can we talk about how debating what happening during the so called Holocaust is waste of time regarding changing history officially?

The point I'm making is no western government will overturn the Nuremberg Trial verdict unless the case is reopened. So if you ever deny the trial's and the holocaust dogma, you are just attacking the victors and their right to say what history is. If you go against them you will only be squashed with the full force of the once allied Government and those they control, like Irving has.

Too many activists are concentrating too much on the so called holocaust and to a degree that puts them in danger of being persecuted. Those that are, would be better remaining out of gaol and using their time for better things.

I agree that making known to the general public the questioning of lies or misconceptions in our past, but are you spending too much time on a never resolving story? Your only course is to hammer for a reopening of the Nuremberg Trials if you ever want the officials to take new content or investigations into account.

We should all be concentrating on educating the public about the domination of executive power the jews have in western countries and their infrastructure, like Peter has preaching.