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Default New Shank Talk World Wide Program "Oil And Empire" Now Available...

Just wanted to mention that there is a new Shank Talk World Wide Program "Oil And Empire" now available for download here (in MP3 format, 64 kbps x 44 khz, 20.6 meg HQ file, 45 minutes runtime):

This program examines the role of Zionism and Israel in regard to the United States presence in the Middle East and dispels the fake Jews Media cover story that the War in Iraq is a War against "Terrorism" or a War for Oil, when it is neither.

Peter exposes the root of the Zionist connection, the fact that Israel is NOT a Democracy and is in fact run under the absolute law of the filthy Jew Talmud. He also links the endless war scenario which the Bush Administration has said the War on "Terror" will be, as actually being a War which will give the Jews and Israel a so called "Spiritual Realignment" which is the equivalent of the Biblical Prophecy of the Rebuilding of Solomon's Temple, and the so called reestablishment of the state of Israel, which according to the Jews proved that God wants them to "Rule the World".

Peter ties this into the rebuilding of the Temple Mount and the ties of these Zionists to the New World Order and their quest to establish a Jewish run One World Government. Peter gives excellent details and pointed commentary as he exposes the evil of the JWO.

Yes folks, the Zionists / Jews / Neo Cons are Megalomaniacs who want to rule the World, and this program proves it in a factual and historical context.

No one tells it like Peter Shank does when it comes to the JWO and their twisted plans for World Domination. Don't miss it.

And please feel free to share the file and mention it to your friends if they are not aware of what is really going on in the Middle East and in Washington, D.C. This program will be a real eye opening experience for the sleepers out there.


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