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Default The Colchester Collection of Pro-White Books

The Colchester Collection is the world's largest curated digital library of pro-White books. It currently has 1,748 such titles in at least one of its 22 different subject catalogs.

As it is preparing to merge with the three other websites of the Aryan Media Group into the Aryan Archive, it quietly had it's best month ever with 10,110 visitors during the month of April and 91,496 page views. It's previous records were 9,104 and 83,964 respectively.

Also, I added a new book:

White Umbrage: The Book That Was Never Supposed to Be Written
by Wafflechaser

White Umbrage chronicles boldly and expressively, the rising levels of anger among Whites as they are mercilessly attacked and erased in our profoundly anti-White culture. Extended from an online post, this potent piece of writing is starkly honest and uncensored, and hypnotically poetic, as one sentence melts into the next with free-associative fluidity and raw emotional power.

This book is an extension of a Gab post by the same name, a combustible 90-page, novella-size print work that could very well be "the book that was never supposed to be written". White Umbrage is, in its well-packaged slickness, a written form of dynamite as it lays out, in poetic language that rises to the Moon and beyond, the many reasons for the White Man's rising anger. It leaves nothing unsaid, and what it does say, it says with a noble fearlessness and a proud disdain for all taboos, all censorship, all the things that form the despised "woke" culture.

The enemies of the White Man will surely fear this book. They will fear that this book has been published. They will fear that this book will be read. They will fear that this book will travel from one set of White Hands to another and become more prized with each hand that grips it, each set of eyes that read it, each White Soul that registers its important and White-saving message.

Watch for the emergence of the Aryan Archive--the largest collection of pro-White books, texts, videos, podcasts, images, and more--over the next few months.
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