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Default Learning about Jewish Power and Influence

It's not enough to understand that the world is increasingly coming under the power of tyrannical globalists.

It's not enough to understand that their methods are to strip us of our Constitutionally protected rights like freedom of speech and religion.

It's not enough to understand that they also want to strip us of our right to keep and bear arms.

It's not enough to understand that the whole Coronachan/vaccination movement is part of their plan for tyranny.

In order to stop them, and eventually to bring them to justice, we must understand who they are: they are Jews!

Yes, there are many non-Jew collaborators, but the goal of global tyranny is to set up a global world order that operates to the benefit of Jews, fundamentally enslaving the rest of us in fulfillment of what the Jewish Oligarchs see as Talmudic prophecy.

Until you understand that, and actively resist, things will continue to get worse.

The good news is, only about three percent of us need to come to understand and actively resist--and we win. So let's get to it.

The Colchester Collection has a list of has almost 200 books on the topic of Jewish power and it's aim to dominate the globe, start learning the truth that will set you free, now.
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