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Default Rockwell Centennial Celebrated in Bloomington

March 9 was the 100th anniversary of George Lincoln Rockwell. Supporters and friends of the NEW ORDER celebrated the occasion with a day of activities in Rockwell's birthplace, Bloomington, Illinois.

The day began with a vigil at the site of Rockwell's birthplace. Although it is now an empty field, until recently it was the location of the old Mennonite hospital where Rockwell was born. Too bad that the city tore the building down - it would have made a great GLR museum someday.

The National Socialists encountered no problems during their vigil. The police stopped by towards the end, apparently in response to complaints they had received by anti-NS elements. The officer we spoke with was professional and courteous.

The Swastika flag was also on display during our activity.

Discussions were held by the assembled comrades that afternoon, and in the evening a formal NS meeting was held at a private location.

The guest of honor at the meeting was Will Williams, chairman of the National Alliance. Chairman Williams spoke briefly, encouraging cooperation between the NEW ORDER and the NA, both of which trace their origins to Commander Rockwell.

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