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• Race is a social construct
#1 - Then how come an anthropologist can tell the difference between a negroid, caucasoid, mongoloid skull? (this is stone cold science)

#2 - I believe its the other way around and that society is a racial construct. Each race has their own cultures attributed to themselves that they developed exclusively, and these shape the foundations of society, or lack of.

• Do you deny the Holocaust happened?
Do I believe in the tooth fairy? Or the easter bunny? Of course not, so why would I believe the holocaust happened?

/ How many people do you think were killed by the Nazis?
In the camps they mostly died of diseases like typhus or dysentery, or malnutrition. Suggesting they were murdered because they died in captivity is a retarded claim with no basis in fact or reality.

On the battlefield they killed as many as was required to push for victory.

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