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Stewart Meadows

RT is spreading pro-rapeugee propaganda:

Britannia used to rule the waves, now it attacks defenceless people in tiny boats to deflect from its own sinking status

Andrew Dickens is an award-winning writer on culture, society, politics, health and travel for major titles such as the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Independent, the Daily Mail and Empire.

13 Aug, 2020 07:00 / Updated 2 days ago

The British once had the greatest navy in the world. Now we’re making a big deal of ‘defending’ ourselves from an imaginary ‘invasion’ of refugees in order to distract from our embarrassing collapse into economic and moral ruin.
he big news is… little boats of refugees are crossing the English channel.
The government has done what it always does – it’s caused a distraction from its own failings by blaming an ‘other.’ Sometimes that ‘other’ can defend itself, like China or Russia, but when you’re metaphorically in deep water, the government’s favourite thing to do is point at desperate, defenceless people literally in deep water and blame them for all the problems they've caused. It’s not so much dog-whistle xenophobia as loudly shouting, “Attack the foreigners, Fido!”

Here are some good comments for the article:

Imaginary" invasion. LOL author discredits himself in first paragraph.
Why is RT printing this sludge? I don't come here to read woke garbage. The persons are not refugees, why isn't there border control? How many billions out there don't have a shirt on their back? Let's hope the ones that make it to UK get to live in this journalist's house.
Yeah, the editor is simply printing click bait, no substance. I see crap like this too often, I'll remove the bloody app.
RT is defending migrants invasion now ?