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Stewart Meadows

RT has published a ridiculous op-ed by some jew-lackey who claims that the violent, jew-backed, criminal riots in Belarus are not a (((color revolution))), but legitimate protests:

The Belarusian protests are not a ‘color revolution’ – they’re the result of Lukashenko repeating Soviet mistakes

Bradley Blankenship, Prague-based American journalist, political analyst and freelance reporter. He has a syndicated column at China Global Television Network where he writes about politics in the United States, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe, he's also a contributor to Policy Network, an international progressive think tank based in London, and a freelance reporter for international news agencies including Xinhua News Agency.

12 Aug, 2020 20:36 / Updated 7 days ago

Protests following Sunday’s presidential election in Belarus have entered the fourth day. Videos of police brutality spread online and foreign ministries across the world are condemning the actions of the Belarusian police.

While temping to default to the knee-jerk reaction that what’s going on in the country is a ‘color revolution’, claims by President Alexander Lukashenko that the protests are foreign-organized are bunk and should not be taken seriously. The political actions of Belarusians now are legitimate and deserve our attention.
Things should not be twisted. It’s easy to see that geopolitical powers are not at work as both the West and Russia – the two major competing powers that have a stake in Belarusian internal affairs – are virtually in unison in their criticism of Lukashenko.

No one in the West has recognized the results of the election as foreign ministries from EU member states have, to various degrees, criticized and cast doubt on the results.
But Lukashenko is unfortunately clinging to power, using the illegitimate election as his mandate and blaming everyone – no matter their geopolitical interests – for the unrest.

Disgraceful and pathetic.

If you want the truth about the situation in Belarus, then I would recommend the following excellent thread that was started by our member Dawn Cannon:

President Lukashenko set to claim landslide win