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Here's a clownish op-ed from RT in which a leftist nutjob kvetches about how evil rural white racists are trying to prevent Joe Biden from winning the US presidential election:

Trump may well grab the power however the election goes – and the establishment Democrats don’t have the will to stop him

2 Nov, 2020 20:31

By Paul Street, the author of numerous books, including They Rule: The 1% v. Democracy (Routledge, 2014) and The Empire's New Clothes: Barack Obama in the Real World of Power (Routledge, 2011).

Many American liberals and progressives I know seem absurdly certain that Joe Biden is going to win the US election. Their evidence? Biden’s ‘significant’ lead over Donald Trump in the polls and the record early voter turnout.

But the United States does not select its top elected official on the basis of a national popular vote. The Electoral College, devised by slave-owning constitutional framers for whom democracy was the ultimate nightmare, restricts the presidential election to the contest for all-or-nothing Elector slates in a relatively small number of states. And in these states, the race between Biden and Trump is much closer than it is on the national scale.

The Electoral College leans well to the right, over-representing the country’s most reactionary, white and rural regions so that Biden could get many millions more votes than Trump and still lose.

But that’s not all. People telling pollsters how they are going to vote is one thing. Getting votes adequately taken and fairly counted is another thing altogether.

Many of the contested states practice partisan and racist voter suppression (both legal and extra-legal) in ways that may hurt Biden’s chances. At the same time, Trump and his personal attorney general William Barr have made it crystal clear that they will attack the legitimacy of the record-setting number of mail-in ballots that are required by the very pandemic that Trump has multiplied across the nation.

Those mail-in ballots are going to lean heavily Democratic, since Democrats take the coronavirus more seriously than do Republicans. With many right-wing state and federal courts on their side all the way up to the now 6-3 right-wing US Supreme Court, Trump’s army of (anti-)election lawyers will move to stop the counting of mail-in ballots, thereby throwing Trump the election in the states that matter and thus in the nation.

Three members of the right-wing Trump court – Brett Kavanaugh, John Roberts, and now Amy Coney Barrett – were Bush lawyers in the high court’s infamous Bush v. Gore decision. That ruling canceled a re-count of ballots in a single state, Florida, throwing the 2000 election to the right-wing monster George W. Bush. Trump’s first legal assault on the election, telegraphed in advance, will be about suspending the initial count in multiple states.
The vote in Trump v. Biden before Ruth Bader Ginsburg died was likely 5-4 Biden. With the hard-right Christian cultist Amy Coney Barrett now in place, the odds lean 5-4 Trump. The chess pieces are in place for an electoral-judicial checkmate.

People are understandably calling out RT in the comment section:

Electoral College protects against tyrany of the majority where a population center such as Los Angeles can out vote 9 Western States combined in the popular vote. Without this system mega cities such as New York control the nation. The Electoral College levels the playing field and makes every state significant in the election regardless of population.

Since the top 10 mega cities in the country are democratic, its easy to see why the liberals dislike the Electoral College currently.
This screed shows a complete lack of understanding of why the electoral college was instituted and what it’s meant to do. I expect better from RT.
Exactly. How liberal is this article? Rt has been on a huge liberal left wing push lately. Another bought out cooperation. Welcome to America Rt. Youre officially corrupted
Paul Street should change his name to Skid Row.....because that's exactly where he seems to be right now.
RT's underwear has become visible, and you can tell that its left ball is much bigger than its right one.