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Have you ever driven your car using only one gear?

Formula One, Brazilian Grand Prix, 1991, from approximately lap 61, mechanical problems began to appear in the Brazilian's car. First, Senna lost the fourth gear, having to go from the third straight to the fifth.

Then, no gear worked without him having to hold the gear lever so that it remained engaged.

Senna had to hold the gearshift with his right hand and drive with his left.

Due to the problem in his gearbox, the difference between Senna and Patrese decreased with each lap. The Brazilian finished the race only with the sixth gear working normally. The onboard camera shows that Ayrton stopped changing gears in the last laps of the race, highlighting the fact.

With two laps to go, it started raining at Interlagos, which ended up deciding the race.

Senna won the race, and after crossing the final line, Senna remained in the car, unable to leave. When the car stopped on the opposite straight to receive the Brazilian flag, the car did not move, showing that in fact the car was only in 1 gear.

Then, assisted, he got into an organization car and went to the pits. On the podium, his effort to win was evident. He barely managed to lift the trophy, needing help to do so.

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