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Default More Jewish Supremacist Censorship, Welcome to the Globalist Jew Dystopia

These were just censored from Twitter and YouTube.

Tom Watson was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the State of Georgia in 1896 and also a U.S. senator in 1920. He is one of the rare people in American history who was a member of the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate. He was a populist politician who stood up for poor farmer's rights and in an amazing turn of events, just after Mary Phagan on April 26, 1913, was murdered, Watson was offered $ 5,000 to defend her rapist-murder, Leo M. Frank. He declined of course, and later wrote about the case in his 1915 Watson's Magazine, issues January, March, August, September, and October. During the centennial year 2015, John de Nugent made these amazing audiobooks that have erudite commentary.

John de Nugent one of the curators of The Leo Frank Archive produced these five blockbuster audiobooks with commentary about Leo Frank the toilet strangler, You are invited to listen to them and tune in! The ADL doesn't want you to listen to all five of them from 1915, made into audiobooks in 2015, because the ADL knows that their Jewish pathological lies will be debunked if you listen to all five of these audiobooks.

John de Nugent on the #leofrank case about the Jewish pervert who raped and strangled #maryphagan #tomwatson #atlanta #georgia





Jews have aggressively dominated the false narrative of the Leo Frank Case since 1913, but as of 2013 you can finally learn everything the Jews have tried to censor & suppress at The Leo Frank Research Library: