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Interesting article written by Kasidiaris about the recording of Samaras and the media hiding it.

The Guilty Silence of a Criminal Regime: Article by Ilias Kasidiaris

In any country on earth, even in the banana-republics of sub-Saharan Africa a revelation like the one made yesterday, would immediately lead to the imprisonment of the prime minister, the king, the emperor or the chief leader of Zulu, who had committed a similar crime. Something like that could have happened in Uganda, or East Timor or in the case of Nigeria we can remember the state government illegally arrested the opposition, but did not dare to place them in custody, but only placed them under house arrest.

But in “Elladistan” of Samaras, of Tsipras, of Bobolas and of Alafouzos nothing happened. Greece unfortunately has become a banana-protectorate of in an African style, and pretends to be a European country, so it can collect multiple loans from the money-lender “partners” who very soon will have drained our national wealth, in a similar way Great Britain had done in its colonies in the Middle East, Africa and the Indies.
I mentioned four names as representatives of the sinful and criminal system which is interwoven. Two politicians and two tyrants of our public life, who are interweaving businessmen and TV channel owners. Samaras is a criminal element and in parallel a cowardly little man. He fails to face Golden Dawn with political arguments, and for this reason he resorts to his paralegal gang.

There are only 14 words in the tremendous document that surfaced in the light of publicity, which they describe totally the vulgarity, the misery, the cowardice and the mental imbalance of one pathetic man who unfortunately for our homeland continues to pretend to be the prime minister. Here exists a quality element further to the self-proven felonies, of the abandonment of the Constitution and the capital betrayal. The style of Samaras and the tone of his voice do not coincide with his blunt public appearances and the calmness when he gives interviews to Pretederis. But identifies 100% with the outbursts, like the infamous memory of the “Fuck my head asshole”, in front of the operating cameras when he could not read, not even two lines in the autocue of his statement. It describes clearly a bipolar personality, with emphatic mental disorders, further to his unending hate that holds against his main political opponent, i.e. the Golden Dawn. Here is placed unforceful the question whether a person with bold symptoms of maniac-depression is justified to govern a country and influence dramatically the lives of millions of citizens?

Let us though come back to shocking document of the judicial cabal and of diversion. Maximos and Samaras chose the path of total silence. This tactic has both a positive and a negative aspect for the shack of the anti-Hellenic regime. At first the silence is a presumption of guilt.

The one million citizens that have already heard the controversial material have no doubt for its authenticity since Samaras has not dared to say even half of a word as an answer. Thus these people have understood completely the backstage, are outraged. From the other side the conspiracy of silence keeps this unsetting apocalypse in obscurity. If Samaras had tried to deny this, then this matter would have become priority news and everybody would run to the internet to discover the relative video. Thus 10,000,000 Greeks would be immediately aware and participants of the truth.

The specific audio document is mighty and convinces within five seconds even the most fanatic enemy of Golden Dawn. One more observation: For Samaras was impossible to deny its authenticity since he knows very well that this is not his only crime. And obviously the person who published the controversial material it seems from the accompanied text that he knows extremely well much more and very critical information for the case. I think that is obvious that he holds in his possession not only the total package of the specific dialog but also other and many more equally revealing conversations.

Vasilis Labropoulos, the journalist of VIMA – who writes his articles directly from the basements of GADA- considers as the most obvious version, that the recording of the controversial dialog has been done from either ELAS [Greek police] or EYP [National Intelligence Service]. In this aspect, for which I agree that is the most prevailing one, obviously the recording device had been placed on the phone of the judicial executive. When it was discovered that there is a legal recording of Samaras himself committing such a serious crime, obviously the specific file was ordered to be burned and obviously someone’s hand had the time and kept “in secret” a copy of it.

Thus is explained the leak from Katehaki’s 15th floor for the non-existent relative log file in the archives of co-hearings. This view is enhanced by a detail that I noticed later and for this reason, I did not refer to it in my speech in Parliament.

The title of the controversial video on RUTUBE begins with the characters SN5812, which recall the codes of the legal co-hearings of Hellenic Police and this fact might be not be for no reason. The other scenarios regarding a “bug” in external area, or regarding foreign secret services or Greek businessmen who attend the matters of the government, I consider less likely.

However we should not forget the Papastavrou case, where the secret consultant of Samaras had in his laptop a software that was recording all conversations in Maximos mansion. When EYP revealed the case, Samaras gave the order for it to be immediately buried. In any case there is a known connection of Papastavrou with the Israeli Secret service, as well as his central role in the management of the 2 billion dollars account of the Lagarde List along with Myonis, the known Zionist businessman.

On a political level, the hit received by the Samaras shock would not be manageable, if it did not have the absolute cover up, partnership and laundering that was offered by SYRIZA. Tsipras in this case operated as the last crutch of Samaras. For the first time in global historical record, one government is accused of such serious crimes with such irrefutable evidence, and the opposition covers and protects it totally. Leading executives of SYRIZA, who are supposedly will bring change in Greece, heard immediately the controversial document.

In addition a lot helped the discontinuance of the meeting in Parliament after my speech. As soon as they return in chambers the SYRIZA people, they commenced the multi-played tape of crying for Romanos going or not to TEI. They even dared to speak about “victory of Democracy”, the same time that the internet was “ablaze” and hundreds of thousands of citizens had heard the whole Truth and had consciously realized the final catalysis of Democracy, of Constitution and of Public Dominance.
In exactly the same machination, except Maximos and SYRIZA, main role played the tyrants of public life, i.e. the main TV channels owners – and main contractors.

When I revealed the shocking evidence in Parliament, in the journalist galleries panic prevailed. It was unthinkable for such a serious political matter to be buried and so in the prime time news MEGA channel played first the revelations of Golden Dawn. The reason was obvious: In the first 20 minutes between my speech and the news bulletins at 14.00 hours, the basements of Maximou had frozen. The dogma of “shock and awe” was to be seen and the interventions of the political system were impossible.

Even the news bulletin of NERIT pre-heralded the revelations as subject number 2, but on the way intervened the Samararic clique and the news played after the weather bulletin with main title: “Provocative and Conceded was Kasidiaris”, without of course to disclose even in the least bit the crimes of Samaras. In the same wavelength all the other main TV channels of the tyrants, who even found an unprecedented way to “drown” the news. All of them played as first item the Romanos case, which Bogdanos in SKAI even tried to present him as …a fashion idol. All the tyrannical-wealth keepers made their flag and advertised as a “good kid” an anarchist, in order to draw attention away from the revelations about the Samaras Junta. If there are still real anarchists in Greece, then for sure they are tearing their hair out for the shaming and decadence of their movement.

There were of course some voices that reacted in this obscene conspiracy of silence. Noticeably important the article-intervention of the enemy of Golden Dawn Kostas Vaxevanis and the TV channel appearances of ANEL Deputies Chrysoveloni and Haikalis. In the first line of informing of course the reputable defencenet.gr and the independent journalists Stefanos Hios in maleleio.gr and Aris Spinos with his valid newspaper “Akropolis”.

The total silence of Maximos and the means of mass information is equivalent to a declaration of guilt. The controversial material has already been sent to special surveyors in Greece and in foreign countries for the certification of its authenticity and of identification of Samaras voice. Furthermore, every legal action will be taken and the political consequences will be swift.
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