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Golden Dawn on the Syrian "gas attack".


ANALYSIS: "False Flag" operation orchestrated by the CIA leads to bombardment of Assad from USA

Israel, CIA and Al Nusra behind the attack with Sarin gas that the Western media "charged" to the Syrian government.

Putin's fierce reaction and Iranians - Total transformation Trump or isolated incident and showdown against China?

The last few hours 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from US warship patrolling the Mediterranean against Sairat air base of the Syrian city of Homs . The pretext for the US attack was very dubious and ridiculous assertion that the air force Assad, rushing from this base bombed with chemicals (Sarin gas) enclave islamo-gangsters the small town Han Sheik resulting in injury and death of many civilians.

Above all, the claim is ridiculous because the Damascus government had no incentive whatsoever to not use chemical weapons , knowing in advance that it will probably Trump pushed consequently the government to launch an attack, which happened. Also, there was no reason to use chemical weapons, since anyway the extermination of islamo-gangsters the last pockets under their occupation progresses rapidly through the use of conventional weapons and ammunition.

But on the other hand islamo-gangsters with their advisers from the US secret services of Israel and Turkey have ample incentives faced after the total military defeat . Furthermore it is known that Al Qaeda and its offshoots in Syria (Al-Nusra) in possession of chemical weapons that have been used before. There are moreover sufficient evidence that the Zionist war machine of the deep state of Washington will lead through the representatives of an event such as the attack with chemicals.

We emphasize that the Damascus government categorically denied responsibility for the attack with chemicals, while the Russian government said that the West should not pull fast conclusions, since many aspects of attack not yet been impartially investigated and warned about the negative implications US retaliatory attack on relations between the two countries. Recall that in the attack with chemicals in 2013 in the city Gu Syrian Assad initially charged, and finally proved by the US university MIT research that this was the work of islamo-gangsters.

The attack by US cruise missiles at air base in Syria, incidentally no precise information on the successful outcome of the attack is the result of an informal "civil war" taking place in Washington since he took the Trump. The new government is accused by its rivals, the Democratic Party and the Zionist establishment of financial institutions, the media and the military-industrial complex that is iconic Russian puppet and buried the US interests in the Middle East expecting good relations with Russia.

Note that the US attack was authorized personally by US President was during lunch of Trump with President of China Xi Tzinpingk , who is visiting the US and whose government repeatedly has supported Assad and the military intervention of Russia in Syria . The timing of the US attack and clearly reflects showdown against Beijing, we recall that Xi Tzinpingk located in the US to discuss the problem of the huge trade deficit between the two countries, which have a huge impact on the American economy.

Already after the American attack Ankara, Tel Aviv and of course their allies islamo-gangsters welcomed this US action, hoping to jam US, Russian, Iranian and Syrian troops on the territory of Syria. The Israeli government announced its full support of the American company, while the Turkish Government gave support prior to any operation against Assad.

What should be noted is that the Trump after the attack on the Syrian airbase made no mention of further attacks on Syrian targets or even to send American ground forces in Syria, while Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson said Moscow They should ensure that the Damascus government to refrain from such businesses with poisonous gases.

Probably the Trump to fell into the trap of the secret service which may be convinced that Assad is responsible for the attack with chemical and undoubtedly wanted to show fist to avoid accusations of its internal opponents and his own party as a puppet Putin and helpless to react.

With the «false flag» operation with chemical attempts by the Zionist establishment plunger to good relations between the US and Russia that had begun to grow . The Trump reaction to the alleged assault of Assad chemical will obviously individual: this suggests first that the new US president does not want to meddle directly in the Syrian front and foremost he wants to avoid further escalation with Moscow.

P.S.: A few other observations:
a) Assad had used chemical in '13 when Putin intervened and persuaded him to destroy the arsenal to not intervene America.
b) Assad has effectively won the war and such a move now would be self-defeating and without any logic. Especially since not ceased to exist subject to change government.
c) as stated in article Independent worse blow attributed to America against civilians before a few days spent in the small (200 civilians killed in Mosul).

Final conclusion: The attack by chemicals in Khan Sainouch was obviously rigged (Al-Nousra actually based there with chemicals . Al-Nousra also trained in Israel and comfortable more controlled by western compared to Isis) to follow US raid Nevertheless it is too early to see who goes to America.
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