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Smile Movies you couldn't stop watching

By "couldn't stop watching" I mean in every sense . .

Which keep your eyes glued and / or which you could watch all over again every time . .

For me : All the newer movies based on Tolkien . .

The Lord Of The Rings /Hobbit movies . .

I've already said on this board that I think Tolkien's world bears a great resemblance to our world ( ) . .

But it's also the whole atmosphere . .

Sometimes I think I would prefer Tolkien's world to our world , actually . .

Everybody is loyal to their race , treachery is non-existent , and a lot of tradition . .

That song comes pretty close to Irish Folk if you ask me

So , the Tolkien movies , definitely . .

I have all of them on blue ray ( even extended version / director's cut ) and have watched them multiple times . .

I might add , a good way to forget about the world around you when things get a bit tough . . Takes you to a world where racial bondings exist . .

How 'bout you ?

Movies from which you do not want to miss a thing ?