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Emily Henderson

A great movie, but I found it hard to take and have only seen it once. You really feel angry and drained, they capture the essence of the situation and the evil of Nurse Ratchet so well.

Same with a movie called 'Casualties of War' with Michael J. Fox and Sean Penn--extremely well done but could only watch it once. Fox was really underrated IMO, he can be a really brilliant actor. Comedy or tragedy, he can do both.

(((Penn))) plays a disgusting evil shithead, which he does well. He also does 'retarded feeb' quite well. He is NO director though.

He ruined 'Into the Wild', a book I really liked. The movie sucked and the family of the boy thought so too.

He also directed a piece of crud called 'Tree of Life' which the critics raved about so I got it and it was so bad: an attempt at being artsy, one section of the film is simply a boy's rambling thoughts--about 30 minutes of 'thoughts' with 'scenes' but no dialogue, and then we literally go into outer space like we are back in the womb, with ambient womb sounds for a moment---that moment lasts about a half hour---then he brings us back into real-time, in Dallas, TX the evil-looking glass building monstrosity that it is....message being 'we carry our experiences with us and everything in the Universe is inter-connected' but to get to that message you have to wade through the most boring garbage ever.

Disguising garbage as art is something they've been doing for a long time--almost seems like an experiment to see what they can get people to consume and put up with.

That was the last film I let 'the critics' tell me was 'great'.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier

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