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Nockda Redout

It's funny when you think of it.
The Jews sold Niggers all over the world as helper monkeys that could be trained to perform menial tasks like picking cotton
Today's modern Nigwits have been trained to chase balls around or to sing and dance.
Some of them even get to be on the JewTube as actors playing doctors and lawyers.
Sometimes they get to play the husband or boyfriend of a White woman on a commercial.
The ones that are too stupid to learn any tricks end up in containment facilities so they can't hurt any real people.

As my anthropology teacher would say,..Niggers are the people that time forgot.
I always remember that every time a Mwap Mwap says that Niggers are the original humans.
They are Homo Erectus in a state of arrested development.
"Oh shit,..look at the cock roaches."
From a famous wet back folk tale.