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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Nah, I added more. But that's all your absolutely sterotyped-socialist-stupid comments deserve.

Do some research. You're just parroting typical government brainwashing.
Verbal aggression only serves to make you look ridiculous and unstable. Relax...we are only talking about differing points of view.

You are just parroting libertarian nonsense.

I advise you research the Flexner report. Even a cursory investigation will reveal how pitifully inadequate medical training and practice was in this country compared with Europe--particularly Germany.

Libertarians have a very naive view that the somehow the best and most proficient will survive through the discernment of the market or the public. That people can still hold this view inspite of all the evidence to the contrary is astounding. Just look at the effectiveness of marketing, advertising, or fashion trends.

What do you imagine you will see on your pharmacist's shelf when medicine is deregulated?

What kind of practitioner will prosper in this new liberated medical market?