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Originally Posted by johanp203 View Post

The problem isn't "government". Governement is not intrinsically good or bad. It is what government rewards and what purposes it serves that make it so.
No, goverment is bad. It is inevitably corrupt. That doesn't mean it can be avoided, yet. Or even limited. But if it can be, we should do it. We do that in the coming white state by limiting it to one function.

The libertarian solution that you are championing disregards the complexity of medicine which can not (should not) be sold to the people like competing brands of soft drinks. Even professionals in complementary fields like surgery and medical oncology can not agree on treatment decisions in many cases, let alone the general public.
Yes. That is an argument against your position. Let the guy whose body is being repaired make the choice. Just as he does in every other area. There is no argument to which you couldn't reply it's "too complex" for the man, again, MAN, to decide on his own. He needs a burocrat appointed by Teddy Kennedy to MAKE THE CHOICE FOR HIM.

You'd make a good slave, the best of all, in fact, because the concept of what it means to be a free man never even enters your head. If surgeons themselves can't even agree, then how useful are they? Your view is that the god-on-earth from the government will step in any make the right decision. Yes, the people who bring us the trillion dollar deficit - they are the most competent to make those "complex" decisions, certainly not the poor sap being operated on. Belief in expertise is the mark of the little man, and belief in government is the mark of the slave.

What we need to remember is what medicine was like before the Flexner report and the regulation of medical practice. It was essentially quackery on a large scale.
Yeah, there was so much more heart disease and diabetes and premature death than there is now. Oh wait. There was almost none of that. You're blaming an industry for being in a primitive stage of development. That's not it's fault, that's the natural path anything new takes. And the facts, not opinions, the fact is that government retarded medical development rather than spurred it.

The fast talking, hand-holding, advertisement savvy, warm fuzzy family physician holding a diploma from some online diploma-mill medical school sure to arise in such a deregulated environment will be sure to garner more patients than honest practitioners.

No American would be well-served by the massive deregulation you seem to favor.
Yeah, they'd be better served by the massive overregulation of every single aspect of health care that we have now.

The belief in regulation is even stupider and more unfounded than the belief in Jesus.