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Zulu: "Front Rank! FIRE!! Second Rank! FIRE!!"

The Man Who Would Be King

Get Carter (See a certain Cockney pattern with these 3?)

The Day of the Jackal

The Hill

Apocalypse Now, especially Brando's unforgettable Col. Kurtz: "Then it hit me. Like a bullet - a diamond bullet: 'My god. The genius of that. The GENIUS....'"

The Boys From Brazil: so many great scenes, especially the shit-yerself hilarious showdown between Mengele & kike Lieberman....

The Parallax View: the scene with Beatty taking the test - the wholesome & gentle images & music at the beginning, then very gradually getting more & more disturbing - a perfect atmosphere of shadowy paranoia. Bill McKinney was always great as a creepy heavy, and the guy who played the soft-spoken Parallax recruiter was superbly sinister.

Cape Fear (the original):heavy-lidded Mitchum at his most menacing as vengeful ex-con Max Cady. Polly Bergen, who played Peck's wife, said that when Mitchum broke those eggs & smeared them on her exposed shoulders & upper chest then roughed her up she was so terrified she burst into tears.

No Country For Old Men: Bardem's assassin Chigurh is one of the scariest villains ever.

Father of the Bride: Spencer Tracy was classic Hymiewitz' greatest actor.

The Little Foxes: That old bitch Bette Davis was Tracy's distaff near-equal; the scene with her sitting like a pop-eyed statue as her husband collapsed on the stairs, begging for his heart medicine....

Life With Father: William Powell & Irene Dunne were terrific.

The Bank Dick: Fuck Grouchp Marx; WC Fields was the funniest man ever.

Double Indemnity: fantastic in every way. Fugly-ass jew "Edward G. Robinson" stole the show as actuarial man Barton Keyes.

(Giving credit where it's due, "Robinson" was a truly great actor: Little Caesar, Key Largo, The Cincinnati Kid as poker master Lancey Howard, Soykent Green - that incredibly moving scene in the suicide clinic (he was really dying at the time, too), on & on.)

White Heat

Wings: 1st Oscar for Best Picture. Clara Bow was so drop-dead gorgeous & charismatic.

Dr. Strangelove: the greatest black comedy ever made.