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Originally Posted by Enbyeff View Post
Zulu: "Front Rank! FIRE!! Second Rank! FIRE!!"

The Man Who Would Be King

Get Carter (See a certain Cockney pattern with these 3?)

The Day of the Jackal

The Hill

Apocalypse Now, especially Brando's unforgettable Col. Kurtz: "Then it hit me. Like a bullet - a diamond bullet: 'My god. The genius of that. The GENIUS....'"

The Boys From Brazil: so many great scenes, especially the shit-yerself hilarious showdown between Mengele & kike Lieberman....

The Parallax View: the scene with Beatty taking the test - the wholesome & gentle images & music at the beginning, then very gradually getting more & more disturbing - a perfect atmosphere of shadowy paranoia. Bill McKinney was always great as a creepy heavy, and the guy who played the soft-spoken Parallax recruiter was superbly sinister.

Cape Fear (the original):heavy-lidded Mitchum at his most menacing as vengeful ex-con Max Cady. Polly Bergen, who played Peck's wife, said that when Mitchum broke those eggs & smeared them on her exposed shoulders & upper chest then roughed her up she was so terrified she burst into tears.

No Country For Old Men: Bardem's assassin Chigurh is one of the scariest villains ever.

Father of the Bride: Spencer Tracy was classic Hymiewitz' greatest actor.

The Little Foxes: That old bitch Bette Davis was Tracy's distaff near-equal; the scene with her sitting like a pop-eyed statue as her husband collapsed on the stairs, begging for his heart medicine....

Life With Father: William Powell & Irene Dunne were terrific.

The Bank Dick: Fuck Grouchp Marx; WC Fields was the funniest man ever.

Double Indemnity: fantastic in every way. Fugly-ass jew "Edward G. Robinson" stole the show as actuarial man Barton Keyes.

(Giving credit where it's due, "Robinson" was a truly great actor: Little Caesar, Key Largo, The Cincinnati Kid as poker master Lancey Howard, Soykent Green - that incredibly moving scene in the suicide clinic (he was really dying at the time, too), on & on.)

White Heat

Wings: 1st Oscar for Best Picture. Clara Bow was so drop-dead gorgeous & charismatic.

Dr. Strangelove: the greatest black comedy ever made.
I love 'Life with Father' and 'The Little Foxes' particularly, they are both excellent.

'The Little Foxes' captures evil vs. innocence perfectly, and the end scene of the daughter and her BF running off in the rain, while Davis is menacingly watching, is perfect.

There's that same vibe and feeling in 'Night of the Hunter': wondering if the innocent creatures can survive, as Gish says several times in the latter film, 'It's a hard world for little things'.

'Life with Father' is very sweet, and it's a good example of a film where they don't tell you what to think either. If you don't know why a scene is funny, then you don't, which is how they used to do it and it's how they should do it today---prob is the third world audience doesn't 'get it' so they have to spell it out for them, complete with a narrator and a laugh-track. It's so pathetic.

I really love documentaries: a particularly good one is 'Brother's Keeper' from 1992.

It's about a man who was falsely accused of murdering his brother--a perfect example of wrongful prosecution done deliberately--they were farmers and the eldest of the four brothers died.

"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier