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Default Who is/was your favorite cartoon character?

I always liked the Warner Brothers stuff, but also enjoyed Rocky and his Friends, with Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle ('Likeways, I'm sure') Moose. it was a lot of jokey fun as they went on adventures to find The Kurwood Derby (pun on Garry Moore's sidekick, Durwood Kirby), and always pursued by Boris and Natasha, led by that nefarious dictator Fearless Leader, the last three have passed into pop culture.

I liked it because this was the Cold War, and it showed the Russians as being not evil, but silly and ludicrous. Whenever i hear a Russian woman, i still expect her to say Natasha's 'Dollink, I luf you.'

Rocky and Bullwinkle lived in Frostbite Fall, Minnesota, near Whassamotta U., home of the famous Russian quarterback team of Rimsky and Khorsakav.
'Allo, Rimsky. is ready for pass?' 'Da, Khorsakov, pass avay.'

It had a lot of jokey, silly humor and awful but lovable puns. There were also bits like Sherman and Peabody, Fractured Fairy Tales, and Dudley Do Right. Recalling the show, it was for kids, but adults could also enjoy it (as the Warner Brothers cartoons).
Also, in the stories, there was a lot of history, culture, and politics that kids were expected to know to appreciate the jokes...a lot of cultural knowledge now lost. When I was a kid, all of this was side-splitting funny.

Probably the new age in humor came when I went to the movies in 1966, and a cartoon before the feature was Crunchbird. I thought it was the damned funniest thing I'd ever seen. Crunchbird is on Youtube; you must watch it.