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Matt in Reno

"I'm not sure the thing i'm thinking of has ever been written:
"How Christian Patterns of Thought and Behavior Prevent the White Race from Recognizing and Defending Itself."
That's more or less it. "

Oh Captain, my Captain! I'm not trying to be a pain in the ass Alex, honest... but there are so many assumptions I see in the Movement that need to be challenged, or at least opened up to some debate, and not accepted as..... well, gospel. This is one of those things. Here we go....

I am fairly certain such a book has never been written, for the simple fact that the underlying premise is wrong. People in the Movement have been so obsessed with the "wimping out" of our race that's occured in the last 60 years --and which has FAR MORE to do with the postwar economic boom and rise of Corporate/Consumer Culture, and TV in particular-- that they seem to have forgotten the last 19 centuries. We are obsessed with America, with democracy, with our current racial situation--Jews and blacks and immigrants of all colors-- to the point where we can't see anything else.

Question: When in the past 2000 years have Whites had trouble recognizing themselves? Or defending themselves? If you look at the history of our race, it's the history of us dividing up into groups on the basis of SOMETHING-- geography, language, religion, loyalty to rulers, etc-- and making war on someone. Sometimes our own race, sometimes not. Think of all the centuries of colonialism, for instance: England, France, Spain, and all the rest...and late in the game, the USA. Now think of a thousand years before that, and a thousand years before that. When in the world did we ever have trouble recognizing ourselves? We were slaughtering each other long before we ever saw a Jew, and we've been doing it ever since. Our problem has not been a failure to recognize ourselves, but as with the North vs the South issue, we recognize ourselves a little to well, and we recognize the "otherness" of others, also too well. And we don't like anyone who's different than us. Or take paganism: some Whites stayed "pagan" for a long time, some didn't... which group was in fact stronger, better organized, better able to assert itself in the world, better able to force it's will on the other, due to it's very keen ability to recognize and defend itself?

White Christian society, as embodied in the European powers, was fantastic at recognizing and defending itself. White Christian society went on to force it's will on every damn piece of land in the world, and we forced our customs, languages, and religion on nearly every race of non whites too. Christianity is not the new cult on the block. The last 50-60 years are NOT representative of our adventures in the world. We had MOUNTAINS of laws for centuries against intermarriage and immigration, while being much more Christian than we are today. Our recent problems seem to come with a decline in Xian society, and a rise in a Humanistic society based on Media and Money.

Your post is, I think, concerned with RECENT events with the blacks, Jews, and multiculturism, and our strange lack of reaction against it. Farther back than that what do we see? The Whites of the South were the most devout Christians in the country.... they had no problem handling those slaves, now did they? And they had no problem fighting like hell with the North. They recognized and defended themselves VERY well. So perhaps the problem is something else besides Xianity?

Now let's look at the Jews. Could you really look over the last 2000 years, and say we haven't been able to recognize or defend ourselves from them? Before you answer, Google "Christian persecution of the Jews over the centuries". The link at standingstrong dot org is a good place to start, they've got a multi-page time-line there. Christians more than anyone else in the world have been trying to limit Jew access and Jew activity in every country we had. They have been kicked out totally, forced to live in certain desolate regions, forced to live in certain city districts in urban areas (da ghettos!), forced to convert, forced to wear identifying clothes, carry identifying papers or marks, kept from holding office, kept from certain occupations, kept from traveling, kept from trading, kept from attending schools and universities, kept from joining social clubs, kept from intermarrying, kept from doing damn near everything at some time in some places. If there is another race of people who has been so excluded and so limited and so ostrasized over the centuries, who would they be? The sheer number of times they've been attacked, driven out, or otherwise isolated from Whites (by Christians!) is amazing, and this fact is often used in Movement literature to show that anti-Jew feeling has history and substance in age after age, from culture to culture.

I am not trying to defend Xianity, or the Jews. I'd get rid of both if I could, and in a very permanent way. But I don't think Christianity is what you or anyone else thinks it is. And I don't think it's responsible for our current sluggishness to respond with regard to blacks, and immigration . I don't have the time or space in this post, but I'll give you a quick idea: I don't believe Whites are religious. We use the term religion to describe a wide variety of things, but religion to the East, and religion to us are not the same. I do not believe Whites have the same spiritual sense. I think we are obsessed with information, we are supremely arrogant, egocentric, and full of our own self importance. I think we're smug, hard-headed, stubborn to the point of madness, and like to think we know it all. I think we have self-aggrandizing delusions, and social customs that we force upon others to control them, and keep a system of trust, predictability, and power in place. But I do not think Whites are religious. Superstitious, yes; blindly obedient, sometimes; devilish, manipulative, and controlling, oh yes. But we do not have whatever bone or organ real religion dwells in. We're fakes, and we're actors, and for us, it's all social. We aren't religious, as the people of Asia and India are. Whites call themselves Christians for the same reason some call themselves "Southerners". Spirituality has nothing to do with it.

Very Important Point: Anyone who is not familiar with the Rational Choice Theory of religion should look into it. Religions often confer great social benefits, with very meaningful survival value. Do Xians make more money or less money, have more kids than less kids, have a great circle of friends to share favors, pool resources, and do all-around problem solving with than non-xians? Their sheer numbers and distribution make networking, giving and getting favors, etc, very valuable, and they do tend to treat their members, especially women, well. They are organized, efficient, and due to the religious creed, trustworthy.... like it or not, a bond of trust does exist between members, and even non members trust them more. Look at the Mormons. Look at the Amish. They work together to make a success of their lives, increase their wealth, their happiness, and their numbers. That's hard to beat. And the Movement has come up with nothing similar yet. We're too busy arguing on the internet over whether Italians are really white, is Communism Jewish, should we buy a package of underware that has a non white face on it, and can I still watch Buffy even though some of the characters have a drop of Jewish blood in their veins.

You are thinking about Muslims, and the War on Terror now, aren't you? "Another dirty little war for Israel", as the Movement literature usually says. You think it's bad for Christians.... but is it? It gives them a common enemy, and if Whites need anything, it's a common enemy, even if it's an imaginary one, like Satan. It's making somebody a pile of money. Provides jobs for huge numbers of people. That military industrial complex is just humming away! Maybe they're not resisting the Jew because that would be bad for them. There is no social advantage, no financial advantage, not on a personal level. And they feel proud to be Americans! They're fighting terrorism! Why the hell would they want to fight the nice Jewish people? That would make them the bad guy. They can join the NRA, and not be anti-semites. They can join the Tea Party and not hate Jews. How will it help them to slide Jews into the ovens on big cookie sheets? They cannot see how, they cannot even imagine how. The Jew is not the problem, as far as the "normal" eye can see. Liberals, immigration, the national debt, gun rights, sure....but the poor Jewish people!? Why, what do they have to do with anything? And even if they knew, what then? Being good Xians keeps them in the good graces of the Chosen. Why screw that up? Didn't work out so well for the Germans.

Lastly, there's ego. The Jews just don't look like a worthwhile enemy to the average joe. And to the average Movement member, he's been blown all out of proportion. Whites are mostly too egocentric and full of themselves to think that some little group of neurotic nitwits could have gotten the better of us. That's why Movement people have gone nearly insane over the Jew. If Jews have managed to enslave the Great White Race, why, they must be "the spawn of Satan, creatures of supernatural powers, ruling the world thru secret societies, commanding all the wealth of the world".... we've built them up to be bigger than they are, because they just HAVE to be big to have "enslaved" us, right? And if I try to quote Ayn Rand-- "Take a look at how small of an enemy has claimed your lives how cheaply."-- somebody will start yelling: but she's a Jew!!

Play the "What If" game with me. If every Christian in America dumped Xianity this week, and half of them became Buddhists, and a quarter of them became Hindus, and the rest became atheists, Satanists, Jains, Taoists, and Shintoists, what would change? Is religion really the issue? Would they start firing up the ovens then? Why would they? Most people don't know any Jews, or if they do, they're nice people. Just because Movement people think they're destroying our race, doesn't mean anyone else thinks that. They would look at you like a nut for suggesting it. Where's the proof? Where's the problems? What is bad in their individual life that they could possibly blame on their dentist, or the guy at the bagel shop, or the lady professor with the butch haircut in their women's studies class? Their religion isn't making them protect "bad or guilty" people. They just don't see that they are bad today, or guilty of anything.

So welcome to the asylum. Christ-insanity is a rational choice. Rational people are attracted to it, for all the social reasons of course, and overlook the underlying absurdity of the superstitions that they parrot. The Movement is an irrational choice. Stay a Xian, go along with the program, and you keep your friends, your family, your job, your respect in the community, and you have a wife and lots of kids, and have a measure of relative safety, and the feeling of power, and control, and sureness in your life. Be a Nazi, lose your friends, get disowned by your family, get written out of your parents will, gain the hatred and suspicion of the community, probably lose your chance of marriage and children, and maybe end up in jail, or dead...and of course, you have no feeling of power or control or sureness in your life. What kind of people are attracted to that? Mostly nuts with nothing to lose in the first place, and negative people who want to do things wrong, instead of positive people who want to do something right.

This is why the Jews and Feds haven't lifted a finger to destroy the Movement. It's keeping the masses from going that way. Google for-- Raymond "Chuck" Foster-- "His Lordship", as his followers were required to call him. We're going to call decent, intelligent, educated people "lemmings" because they didn't go lining up to join him? Let's back up a little and look again. The problem isn't that the rest of the world is insane for not joining "us". We're insane for expecting it. The Movement needs to be something different than what it is, and it needs to offer people a better life, and not a ruined life. When we become the "rational choice" for people to choose, when we can offer advantages and not disadvantages, we'll have a shot. Christians today, funny enough, aren't the ones yelling "It's the end times! The end of the world! We're all going to die!" It's the Movement people doing that. The average Xian is doing pretty well. They have faith and confidence that they can handle things, come what may. Do we? And who is really obsessed with information in a book, them or us? Who is living in the real world, and who is living in the pages of Nesta Webster, and The Turner Diaries, and The Nameless War? We're the ones yelling, "look, look, the revealed truth is here in these pages!". And so because the "heathens" don't know the truths in our holy books from the NV catalog, "they are going to be damned to hell forever!" We've become a caricature of the Christian lunacy in a lot of ways. Maybe it's time for some new thinking.