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Default The Truth Is No Defense #4 Online

The Truth is No Defense: 12/15/2005 #4

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Welcome to the Broadcast.

I don't relish being 40 years old, but age does have advantages. And I'm referring not to the general sense of wisdom which sometimes accompanies advancing age. No, it?s that I feel lucky to have witnessed a now lost American social order, if only it?s last and longest shadows.

It wasn't so long ago white children, well, like myself, were taught from books which instilled pride in young people by extolling the accomplishments of their ancestors. For example the elementary school I attended featured a workbook entitled "Our Greco-Roman Heritage," which introduced young minds to classical conceptions of architecture, law, and literature. This workbook explained ideas from the classical world manifested themselves in contemporary American society. What also facilitated the transmission of culture and knowledge to American children was the homogenous nature of the American populace. In my case the entire K-6 education was spent in the company of only White children never did a Black or Mexican set foot in my elementary school, even the Janitor was white; the same was largely true for middle school and high school.

Also, I'm grateful to have known men, like my father and grandfather, men who understood their place in history. They had a sense of dignity and inner strength which most white youth today don't possess; a possession which even I have a tenuous hold of. As the years pass I find it increasingly difficult to recall all of my father's tales, but I vividly remember him telling me of the little town near his childhood farm, in El-Dorado Springs, Missouri, which had a sign placed on its city limits which read "no blacks after sunset".

Well, I was thinking of that sign when I found myself surrounded by Mestizos and Blacks during a recent trip to Wal-Mart. Unable to find the merchandise I sought, I then located a clerk, a white boy just 21 years of age. Before asking him directions I remarked to him just how much I hate coming to Wal-Mart and I asked him how he could tolerate working here. He cautiously responded the he also hated Wal-Mart. Both of us I found out were local to the area, though 20 years apart in age.

Becoming increasingly agitated by the presence of the Blacks and Mestizos I said directly, but in a hushed tone to him, "how can you stand working around all these blacks and Mestizo?" Before he could answer I continued without pause: "you're being screwed. You know that don't you? When I grew up here there were none of these aliens in this entire county, everybody spoke English of course. And what's more there were good blue collar jobs in those days. A fellow like you could make good money painting houses, laboring, or doing construction work. Now all those jobs are gone, sent overseas by venal politicians. At the same time they imported millions of Mexicans take whatever is left, and drive down the wages. All that?s left is drudge work. It is a crime what's been done. I hope your generation makes them pay for their crimes."

There were other points I mentioned, but that was the upshot. He stood silently looking at me, but did not shrink from my words. He mentioned the horrible education he had received from the local schools, "the teachers didn't care" he said. He then confessed that he did not know that this county, much less America, had been overwhelmingly white as few as 20 years ago. We spoke some more about various points, and as I left I gave him a few web addresses to visit, like VNN's.

It seems unlikely that my friend from Wal-Mart will ever make it too a university, and besides what good would it do him. Unless he entered the science or engineering fields - increasingly dominated by non-whites - all he'd get is more anti-white propaganda. This was certainly the case when I was in college.

White male college students are easy prey for multicultural propagandists. The environment is one of total propaganda. What's worse, by that time my father had been weakened by strokes and the older men I knew, like my grandfather, were dead. A good family is a bulwark against propaganda. Anyway, the damage done to my psyche by college education was great, but somehow a seed of hope remained.

It was in an economics textbook which I noticed curious reference to slavery. It was a footnote which cited a book entitled Time on the Cross: The Economics of American Negro Slavery by Robert William Fogel and Stanley L. Engerman, a book which contradicted much that I was being told about slavery, and much that the nation was being spoon fed by such TV shows like "Roots", which had played to great acclaim years earlier. Unlike "Time on the Cross" Alex Haley's book "Roots" was a work of outright fiction. David Wolper, a Jew, produced Roots as a television miniseries. I?m told Roots is now being presented to public school children as fact. However, I?m sure that any textbook that refers to Fogel and Engerman?s work has long since been removed from school curriculum.

Anyway, I found a copy of "Time on the Cross" and discovered that that black slaves, when compared to a typical white man of that era, lived in clean well kept quarters, and were often trained to perform skilled labor; and what's more they lived longer and healthier lives than most whites; moreover far from being subject to the lash and sent to the fields to die from exhaustion slaves were treated as valuable property and cared for. In contrast poor white immigrants might be drafted into work gangs to dig drainage canals through malaria infested swamps, or work in dangerous mines. There are many other points which Fogel and Engerman discuss such as slave family formation, miscegenation, and the viability of the slave economics; findings which are offensive to multicultural sensibilities. Buy this book for your children, and read it with them.

Without children there cannot be a race, and there cannot be a race without a history of its own. Unfortunately, the history that our children are being taught is not our own. Cultural dispossession is not an accident, and we cannot sustain our race if our children are not told about Julius Ceaser, Cicero, Charlemagne, and the Magna Carta; we cannot survive if our children know only the beast Martin Luther King, but not real heroes like Jefferson Davis or Robert E. Lee.

Do what you can to plant a seed of historical consciousness in our white youth.

Thankyou for listening.