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Alec Baldwin Hounded for Anti-Gun Activism, Old Tweet Asking ‘How It Must Feel to Wrongfully Kill Someone’

DAVID NG 22 Oct 2021

After he discharged a gun on a movie set Thursday resulting in the death of one crew member and the injury of another, actor Alec Baldwin is now getting trolled on social media for his anti-gun activism and an old tweet in which he wondered “how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone.”

Alec Baldwin, who mercilessly mocked President Donald Trump on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, has not been charged with any crimes, but the Santa Fe County, New Mexico, Sheriff said the investigation is ongoing. The incident occurred Thursday afternoon on the New Mexico set of the movie Rust, a western that Baldwin is producing and starring in.
Baldwin has a history of anti-gun activism, arguing that the Second Amendment needs to be “rethought.”