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October 23, 2021 · by prowhiteparty

by James Buchanan

The Left is trying to shut down criticism of liberal elitist Alec Baldwin and trying to paint the reckless shooting of two people as some sort of unavoidable tragedy. Bull feathers.

At best, you have a horrible jerk liberal, who screams at his subordinates, who promises his workers hotels in a nearby town, but then reneges and forces them to drive 50 miles each morning, who runs things so badly the prop union members and seven people on the camera crew walk off the job, and then he violates ALL the rules of safe gun handling, points a pistol with not just one person, but two in his line of fire and pulls the trigger, having failed to check the firearm himself even though he knew the union prop handlers were no longer there.

After killing a defenseless unarmed woman, his first instinct was to blame the person, who handed him the gun. Alec Baldwin is 63 years old and should have known how to check a firearm himself (assuming he wasn’t too arrogant to talk with the little people). If he doesn’t know, he should have shut down the movie until the prop handlers came back rather than trust the cheap replacement personnel, who clearly didn’t know what they were doing.
All the “deplorables” that people like Hillary Clinton and Alec Baldwin despise so much, know how to handle guns better than Mr. Hollywood Elitist.

Never point a gun at someone you don’t intend to shoot. Always assume a gun is loaded and with the safety off.

Baldwin has played presidents and important officials all his career, but he’s really just a know-nothing Hollywood actor, who’s only good at make believe.

Alec Baldwin is typical of the liberal elitist crowd. They assume they know everything, but Baldwin could not even do a safety check that an average gun-owner would know how to do.