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Oscar Winning Director Guillermo Del Toro Wonít Use Real Guns in His Movies


In the wake of the Alec Baldwin Rust shooting, Hollywood director and producer, Guillermo del Toro, says that he stopped using real guns in his movies several years ago.

ďI havenít shot a real gun on a movie set since 2007 or 2008,Ē the Oscar-winner told the Hollywood Reporter. ďI donít think itís necessary anymore. I really donít.Ē

Del Toro added that special effects can be used for gun fire, so it is no longer necessary to actually fire guns on a movie set.

ďIt started with The Devilís Backbone(Del Toroís 2001 horror film), because we were forbidden to shoot in Segovia [Spain]. We were forbidden to shoot in a forest because the ignition could start a forest fire. After that, I thought, that is the safest thing you can do, and you can do it almost with a phone app,Ē the Panís Labyrinth director said.