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Originally Posted by Rasen View Post
She looks like a shemale.
Honestly? Yes, she does. But the Lardassian sisters look like shit too, and theyíre extremely popular, for some inexplicable reason.

My point was that if this Jelena Maćić person is a Serbian celebrity, then itís good that she speaks out against the jew-led third-world invasion of Europe because that might galvanize the silent majority, i.e. the masses who feel the same way but are afraid to speak up for fear of being ostracized by international jewry and its despicable lackeys in the Serbian government who sold out their country for the hope of one day joining the Jewropean Jewnion.

I will say this, though: the more I interact with Serbs in real life, the more Iím starting to dislike these people. I donít know whether or not the scum that Iíve come across are representative of the entire Serbian population. Hopefully theyíre not.