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Sorry for coming to things so late, but I think this thread is even more relevant today, considering the Dylan Roof shootings and other recent happenings.

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
As I see it, politics is about power, and power always reduces to violence or the credible threat of violence. Therefore, no credible political movement can renounce violence, for the renunciation of violence is tantamount to the renunciation of politics itself.
Not exactly. One of the ways terrorism has worked in the past is to have a bifurcated movement, 1 that practices violence and 1 that denounces it. A common timeline is:
Peaceful movement demands change. Government ignores it.
Violent movement blows shit up. Government cracks down on it, peaceful movement denounces violent group.
More action from violent movement. Government cracks down further, declares it will never negotiate with terrorists... then goes to the bargaining table with the peaceful movement that they had previously ignored. Somehow an agreement with the peaceful group is also upheld by the violent group that supposedly doesn't have any links to the peaceful group.

Hagganah/ Irgun. IRA/ Sinn Fein. PLO/ most other Palestinian groups. ANC/ MK.

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
[Quoting Greg Johnson's article:]
But I know with absolute metaphysical certainty that the system is going to break down. Nothing lasts forever, especially a society that violates all the laws of nature. I don’t know when the system will fail, but it will almost certainly be within the lifetimes of most of the people reading this.

The problem with hoping for a crash is that the other side is hoping for a crash too, as they can then abandon all pretext of law and fairness.

Cloward-Piven strategy.
Jewish strategy in Ukraine, Greece, and everywhere else when things crash and carpetbaggers can come in to buy for pennies on the shekel.

Governments are good at keeping things wheezing along the cliff. What topples civilizations is when something unexpected comes along to push them over the cliff. For this reason, no matter what charts and graphs say, you cannot predict when things will fall apart. This is often not a good time to be alive, but the victors in this age will be the ones whose offspring are sitting pretty in a few centuries.

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
[Quoting Greg Johnson's article:]
But power isn’t everything. Truth also matters. There are moral opinions, and there is moral truth. There are the laws of men, and there are the laws of nature. (Although Machiavelli was right to observe that unarmed prophets always fail; only the armed prophets succeed.)

As a Traditionalist, I believe that truth is ultimately the source of power, that truth empowers and lies weaken. A civilization rises when it is in harmony with truth, reality, nature, and the life force. A civilization declines as it strays from them. As Spengler points out, a society, like an individual, gains the greatest external wealth and power once it is over the hill and the life force is dying within it.
This is about the only part of your article that I disagree with. A vast majority of people are dumbasses who cannot truly understand the world. They understand symbolism and catchphrases. We won't win them over with 'The Truth', we can only win them over by convincing them that it is the other guys' emperor that is naked, but that our emperor has really nice clothes. Then for our children's sake let's hope our emperor really does have clothes so our great grand kids don't end up fighting another revolution.

Originally Posted by Greg Johnson View Post
Kevin Strom made a very valuable point in one of his talks: whites have only realized maybe a faction of a percent of our potential for racial consciousness. Jews, however, are operating at 99 percent of their capacity to keep that fraction from growing. It follows, therefore, that we might only need to see small gains on our side before their capacity to control us is overwhelmed, and then things could get out of their hands (and into our hands) very quickly.

I used to think the enemy paranoid and prone to over-reaction, but now I don't: they know just how tenuous their grip on power is, which is why they react so stridently to every little provocation, lest it be the spark that reaches the powder keg.

Great points. I too think that that not everything is doom n' gloom. In many ways I think this is our "Babylonian Exile", and if we come through it we shall be much stronger and cohesive than ever before.



Don't watch this unless you want to puke from listening to AC self-righteously yammer on. The title says it all.


Originally Posted by SmokyMtn View Post
Most WN conservatives are nothing more than arm-chair intellectuals, whereas many WN revolutionaries are dreamers. They both, however, have one thing in common, the illusion that they, and those that agree with them, will come to the rescue of the White Race when the time is "right". Thankfully, the internet will keep them both occupied while the real work of taking back our White nations will be done by practical people, face to face, block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood.
HEY! I resemble that remark about conservatives
I don't think there is necessarily as big a divide between conservatives, revolutionaries and practical people as you paint. I think that conservative principles would go a long way towards whitening up our society, even without any overt racial laws. But I also realize that peaceful politics is unlikely to work. I work to build my personal network, not WNists necessarily but just normal people (with at least some racial realism) that can help each other when needed.

Too many people here seem to think that the battle is going to be fought on some ethereal plane, with victory going to whoever's ideology is the most pure. Most of the combatants won't be ideologues at all, just normal people trying to get by in a world sliding downhill.

On our failure to get good leadership:
I think both of you are right.

Obviously we have been sabotaged when it comes to leadership, but so what? How could you expect otherwise? Catch-22 : If our leadership wasn't being sabotaged, we wouldn't need leadership.

Solutions/ historical examples:
Cell structure. Leaderless resistance. Committees of Correspondence.

Besides sabotage we also have a problem with lots of cranks. Anyone with good org skills probably has a good job which he would certainly lose if he comes out in the open. The examples given of jail are from extreme cases, and there are a lot of leaders who come out that don't have that happen to them... but coming out for WNism pretty much destroys any chance of a great job in the system. Pierce made his money, then went into organizing WNism.

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
It's hard to say for sure whether the government truly fears WN, or whether that's entirely for public consumption. I think it's about 10% real fear, and 90% manufactured to fool the mouthbreathers. From where I sit, anyone fearing WN today is exceptionally unobservant. I'm sure the jews know this. The goy frontmen who are a lot of the System pols on tv, and some of the dumber analysts on tv, probably fall for the lies and actually believe WN are a real threat. Now, I do think ZOG - the jews and their government - fear the potential of WN, because they know that, despite their pretense, they do not speak for the community, Whites do. There's a standing danger some party or person of unusual ability will threaten to connect the White masses with their true long-term interests. And jews are well aware that white behavior shows that in fact the bulk of the race does not now, never has, and never will accept the imposed anti-white multicultural orthodoxy.

The thing about violence, say assassinations, is the jews can't stop it by passing laws against it. They can't suppress assassinations like they suppress opinions. So that danger will always be there, and it's the #1 reason they want to take the White man's guns.
I don't think WNism could ever become very popular under the current system. It will always be a minority viewpoint unless it takes over the education and media establishments. This could be done by sneaking into power, like Hitler did. He ran on a platform of rainbows and unicorns for everyone, then after he cemented his power he began enacting his real agenda. This is why I never discount anyone simply because they don't go full-on foam at the mouth WN, like Jared Taylor. They might simply be playing the long game.

What I think TPTB truly fears is a mass uprising from general discontent, not from a specific ideology or group. Specific groups like WNists could have a field day during the chaos of such an uprising if they were prepared. During the Ferguson or Baltimore riots a lot of scores could have been settled.

The jews are still freaked about Medger Evers and he wasn't even jewish.