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Originally Posted by Samuel Toothgold View Post
Your parents should have regarded first engine (we don't call them "motors" in English. Nice to know, you learned a German word, though) as a promotional offer and have sold the second one, without reflecting on the first one as a gift.If you would have auctioned it off on e-bay, you probably would have earned good money, because it was your (and not anyone else's) personal posession. Potential buyers would have chanced it's authenticy, hoping it might be genuine.
Just now getting into ebay. I know I probably missed the curve, but still. It seems a way to clear up some stuff. Just looking through ebay, lot of overpriced shit. Seems like everyone thinks their junk is worth more than it actually is. Crappy 'collectibles' and stuff, it gets tiresome. Ebay is another option beyond local card shops/comic books shops and pawn shops, which don't really give you that great of value.

There really is an art to squeezing money. Easy to waste time on small stuff that doesn't really pay.